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Dadhichi College of Pharmacy Offers Scholarship for ST, SC, Minority & Gate Students
History :-  

Originating in the annals of mythology this primeval cosmic science of Healing, and Cure has virtually traveled light years to reach its present state. Genesis of this primordial science dates back to the era of mythology. It was Dhanwantari the custodian of priceless “Nectar” the elixir of Life and ultimate panacea for all maladies; spread the precept “Sarbesyantu Niramaya”.

He was followed by Ashwinikumar the Devine Doctor (Deva Vaidya), who provided succor to the ailing Divinity through his Midas touch.

Then came the Vedic era and this science of survival presented two of its Ace Specilists Charak the man of Medicine, and Sushruta the Surgeon who attended upon the Great Saints and the Sages of the yore. The journey then descended down upon the Human race with its rich casket of panacea for all Human maladies. Herodotus the father of Modern Pharmacy was the custodian of this priceless Treasure during the great Babylonian civilization from whose hands it passed on to the posterity, to attain the Hi-tech state of to-day, after enrichment through Innovation, Refinement, and Adoption through ages. Intense studies, both Empirical, and Experimental have enriched this age old science over millenniums.

Pharmacy in the modern day parlance is not a subject. It is a broad spectrum science covering an amazing vista of enthralling studies, encompassing subjects like Pharmaceutics, Pharma chemistry, Pharmacognosy, & Pharmacology, Botany, Zoology, pure Chemistry Physics, and Human Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology Hygiene, apart.

Its More interesting than Medicine, More Exciting than Surgery, and More Alluring than Most. 



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