Scroll News : Dadhichi College of Pharmacy invites application for the Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, and Associate Professor in Pharmacology. Intrested candidate can send complete resume to

Placement Details

  • => Macleods Pharmaceutical Ltd., (Sikkim, Daman, Badi) - (API, QC, QA, Production Trainee Executive) - 29th November 2022
  • => Vovantis Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Gujurat - (Production Executive) - 16th August 2022
  • => Episource Pvt Ltd, Chennai - (QC, QA, Production Executive)- 26th April 2022
  • => Peer Alley Media, Hyderabad – (Senior Associate) – 19th June 2021
  • => Biocon Limited, Banglore – (Programme Coordinator) – 12th June 2021
  • => Innodata India Pvt. Ltd., Noida, Uttar Pradesh – (Medical Analyst) – 8th June2021
  • => Macleods Pharmaceutical Limited, Mumbai – (Trainee Executive, Production, QA & QC) – 5th June 2021
  • => Wipro India Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata, WB – (Drug Safety Associates) – 20th April 2021
  • => Torrent Pharmaceutical Limited, Sikkim – (Trainee Executive, Production & QC) – 30th March 2021
  • => PULSUS Healthtech, Vizag – (Trainee Data Analyst) – 12th March 2021
  • => BPPL (Bhubaneswar Power Pvt. Ltd) – (Pharmacist) – 10th March 2021
  • => Waockhardt Ltd., Mumbai, Maharastra – ( Production, QA & QC) - 10th February 2021/strong>
  • => Macleod Pharmaceutical Limited, Mumbai – (Formulation & Development) – 5th January 2021

Why Pharmacy


There is separate Board, and Lodge facility for Girls and Boys. To the Hostels ensure better exposure for added competitiveness, the management is contemplating a shift to city, the serenity of rural environ will be missed very much through.


Institutes own Transport ferrys both the Staff and the Students from the city covering main transit points, for pick up.


College Canteen caters to the need of the Students & Staff, and many an work outs are on the way to bring in, an all round change to enhance the palatability. 



Beyond the class Rooms:-

Class room Curriculum haw so ever scientifically textured, delivers only a Knowledgeable Man at the end. But the complete Man always needs sound additional stuffing’s for creation of  Employability, Employment Compatibility, in an  and Employment worthiness age of cut throat competition.
The essentiality for Infusion of certain attributes like:-
            Sound Organisational Behaviour.
            A Soothing and Attractive personality.
            A Lasting Leadership trait. 
            A Cohesive & Consummate Team Spirit.
            A Spirit to imbibe, and inculcate the latest in trends emerging.
            An excellent Communication Skill.     
            Last but not the least a burning desire to make a mark and bear Achiever.
Dadhichi College of Pharmacy is all geared up to infuse all the above into the Students for creation of an age through a continuous Grooming, and Orientation programme run by skilled professionals.

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